The award-winning 30 One Design is the newest development by Dehler and is a progressive racer-cruiser with true Dehler performance genes. The Dehler 30 One Design is an uncompromising double-handed offshore boat designed for maximum performance with the highest possible level of comfort. 

designed by sailors

Time and care has been taken over the design of the Dehler 30 One Design, which has been lovingly done so by sailors with a racing heritage. Karl Dehler the project manager of the 30 OD and the son of Dehler founder Willi Dehler, is passionate about sailing. For Dehler, he has contributed to countless innovations and trend-setting inventions. The successes speak for themselves: under Karl's management, Dehler has already won numerous prestigious awards and has been repeatedly honoured and nominated for the titles Boat of the Year and European Boat of the Year. His expertise, competence and above all his passion are based on years of experience as an active regatta sailor. Together with Torsten Conradi, he won the world championship title in 1984.


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The Dehler 30 One Design is an exciting brand new boat from Dehler and is continuing the heritage...

What began in 1977 as a gesture of defiance was decisive for German boatbuilding. It laid the foundation for a decade-long history in serial one-design production, ‘Made in Germany’. Even then, founder Willi Dehler did not accept that race boats should have just one purpose: to sail regattas. He had more in mind. His vision - race boats with creature comforts...

It started with the legendary Sprinta Sport. A small cabin cruiser with real regatta ambitions, she was considered the first of a new cruiser-racer class, which became successful in the Quarter Tonne division of the IOR system. Through the use of the latest materials and high-strength components, more common on larger boats, Dehler already positioned itself as a pioneer in production boatbuilding. Some 500 boats were built and sailed intensively.

Naturally, Dehler followed up on this success with bigger one designs.

The db1 came out in 1980 - a serial Three-Quarter tonner. It was already clear that Dehlers not only sailed very well, but also offered comfortable living. Dehler finally won a world championship title with the db2.

After a long interlude, the new Dehler 30 One Design marks a return to the original idea behind her successful predecessors: to create a performance boat that is also suitable for cruising. She embodies an unprecedented combination of function and comfort. Every detail of the boat is geared towards maximum performance, but without sacrificing comfort: from cruiser-racer to racer-cruiser.


A true racing yacht should have clean, sleek lines. This is often disturbed by the addition of the propellor and shaft, unless you have to lift an outboard onto the transom.

The stealth drive provides 9hp of conventional drive when required, however, it simply folds up into the boat without leaving any underwater seams.

This clever feature won the Systems category in SAIL Magazine's Best Boats 2021 awards.

interior comfort & performance

We don’t believe that comfort and powerful performance in a boat need be mutually exclusive. The Dehler 30 One Design brilliantly combines clear performance features with a feel-good factor. So the open bulkheads create a bright, generous volume while at the same time saving weight. Lightweight technical materials in warm, natural tones create a surprisingly large sense of space for a boat of its size.