Dehler 34

30 years ago Dehler developed the Dehler 34, a yacht with which Dehler quickly achieved recognition as a global player in the yacht world. With more than 1300 yachts built, it was the beginning of a new era for the company.

The Dehler 34 shaped the company's DNA and revolutionized the global yacht market with the first real Performance Cruiser. The clever combination of sportiness and cruising, convinced customers and the Dehler 34 quickly achieved cult status.

So how could we celebrate the 30th anniversary of this legend better than to launch a new Dehler 34? We would therefore like to present you our newest creation: a modern yacht with fast lines and confident appearance: The new Dehler 34!

The yacht was designed by the renowned yacht designer judel / vrolijk & co, who are known for fast and agile yachts with modern design. As with all Dehler yachts, the sporty sailing characteristics are playing a pivotal role. The steep stem in combination with the short overhang the stern creates a long water line and allows maximum speeds.

The Interior of the Dehler 34 is well thought-out and perfected down to the last detail. She is designed with the leading 3D software CATIA, which is also used for aircraft development. Working in a virtual yacht, the most qualified engineers divide spaces in a smart way, create extraordinary furniture shapes, invent new techniques - and doing so, they turn the laws of physics into an unrivalled sailing experience.

Specification at a glance

judel/vrolijk & co.
T 02380 457008
E [email protected]

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