Dehler 30 OD wins Best Offshore Racer 2022

Dehler 30 OD – best offshore racer 2022

Following the US Sailboat Show, the editors of the American Sailing World magazine took the opportunity to test the racer-cruiser as part of their 'Boat of the Year 2022' award off the coast of Annapolis, Maryland.

outstanding performance

The Dehler 30 OD proved to be a thrilling sail, and won the title of 'Best Offshore Racer' thanks to her sophisticated design for efficient manoeuvrability, her outstanding build quality and high-performance sailing behaviour.

"This delivered the best sailing experience of all of the boats we tested. It was easy to tack and gybe, it tracked great, it’s easy to get to the sail controls, and we had no problems whatsoever with wiping out — and we tried hard a few times."  Chuck Allen, Sailing World

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We are extremely proud of the Dehler 30 OD and her increasing recognition is testament to the time and effort invested in her development. Find out more about this exciting model and take one step closer to your next offshore racing adventure!